My journey

  Arrival at the Pierre de Coubertin Stadium

To get to the Stadium, go to "Pierre de Coubertin stadium access"
Plan to arrive at least 2 hours before the start of your race. 

  Pick up your Race Card

Go to the Registration Center with an Identity document and medical certificate and collect your race card which would indicate your race time and your ergometer (machine) number.
You will retrieve your race sheet with the time of your race and number of your ergometer. 

  Changing rooms and locker room

Changing rooms and a locker room are available so that you can change and leave your belongings. Personal belongings should not be left in the changing rooms. You can keep a small bag with you during your race. 

  Weighing for light weights

Please go to the weighing room between to 2 to 1 hours before your scheduled race time

Warm up

Before your race, go to the warm-up room with more than a hundred ergometers provided for this purpose.

  Holding Area

Go to the holding area 10 minutes before the start of your trip

  Entering the race floor

At 5 minutes from the race
, you will enter the race area.
Attach your race card to the corresponding ergometer (machine) number. 

  Time of race

During your race, your loved ones will be able to follow your race on the giant screen.


At the end of the races in each category, medals are awarded to the 3 World Champions and the 3 French Champions. 
In order to respect the timing imposed by the video production, only the following 500m and 2000m podiums will take place on the Competition Area:
Senior Men
Senior Woman
Senior Men PL
Senior Woman PL
S-23 Male
S-23 Female
Junior Man
Junior Woman
Para - Classified : PR1, PR2, PR3
All other categories will be presented with their medals in the Ceremony Hall next to the Appeals Chamber.


After your race, you can, if you wish, go to the recovery room where ergometers, bicycles and stretching mats will be at your disposal.


2020 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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